PSL welcomes Court Judgment on the Ndoro and Ajax matter

The Premier Soccer League (PSL) welcomes the decision of the Gauteng Local Division of the High Court, Johannesburg, in the matter between the National Soccer League, Ajax Cape Town, Mr Tendai Ndoro and Others.

Ajax Cape Town and Mr Ndoro brought an urgent application to interdict the League from implementing the outcomes of the Arbitration. The Arbitrator had ruled that the Dispute Resolution Chamber had no jurisdiction to rule on the matter of Mr Ndoro.

The High Court yesterday afternoon dismissed Ndoro’s and Ajax Cape Town’s application. The League has insisted all along that it is FIFA Players’ Status Committee that has jurisdiction to determine Ndoro’s eligibility to play in the current season.

The Judge, Justice Sutherland, agreed with the view that as things stand on the matter, there is no ‘lawful structure’ that has expressed a view on whether Mr Ndoro is eligible to play or not, again re-affirming the position of the League.

The League also distances itself from comments made by Ajax Cape Town alleging that the League, through their Senior Counsel in court, had made a commitment on the nature of outcome of the matter including the decision on whether there will be points deducted or not from the Member Club.