Richards Bay to play this weekend’s game behind closed doors

In compliance with the ruling of the Premier Soccer League (PSL) Disciplinary Committee, Richards Bay FC will play their National First Division home game this weekend against Ubuntu Cape Town behind closed doors.

The two clubs will play on Sunday in Richards Bay.

Richard’s Bay FC was found guilty on 17 May 2018 of failing to prevent their assistant coach Mr. Sello Ntulu from manhandling and abusing assistant referee Mr. Tshepo Nojila after their match against Super Eagles on 14 April 2018.

They were also found guilty of failing to provide adequate security at the match. Richards Bay was sentenced to a fine of R 200 000.00 of which R 125 000.00 was suspended for 24 months.

In addition, a prior suspended sentence against the club of playing a match behind closed doors was brought into effect.

As a consequence of this ruling, no spectators will be allowed at this match. Only playing personnel, ball boys, media, security personnel with specific tasks related to the match and medical personnel will be allowed.